About us

The Riverside Civic Association represents nearly 1,000 homes in the Greater Third Ward area of Houston. RCA boundaries are Blodgett St on the North, N MacGregor Way on the South, Highway 288 on the West, and the Columbia Tap Hike and Bike Trail on the East. Our meetings are the second Thursday of each month at the Energy Institute High School, 3501 Southmore Blvd at 6pm.

The primary purpose of this organization are as follows:

To maintain the residential character of the community which this association represents, and to safeguard the individual and collective property investments of the residents;

To preserve the deep culture and history of the community and foster a welcoming atmosphere
for all residents;

To encourage improvements in the appearance of our homes and properties;

To promote social and recreational activities for adults and children; and

To take concerted action on all matters which will in any way affect the welfare of this community, and to cooperate with other civic clubs in a common effort to build a better City for the citizens of Houston, Texas.

We intend this to be a supportive community of neighbors. If you have any questions, please email us at info@riversidecivicassociation.org.